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Technology Dept. in MicroStrategy
1850 Towers Crescent Plaza Tysons Corner, VA 22182 USA

Ir., Drs.Ec., Hanijanto Soewandi, M.Eng., Ph.D.

Dr. Hani Soewandi currently holds a position as a Vice President at MicroStrategy Technology, a publicly traded software company (Nasdaq) in the area of Business Intelligence/Business Analytics. With over 22 years of working-experience and specialization on the large scale in-memory technology, Dr. Soewandi actively helps BI implementation in various International companies such as: Citibank, Visa, UBS, Marriott, Fanatics, Facebook, Metro, ASOS, Rakuten, Pfizer, Genesys, Federal Reserve Board, etc.

Dr. Soewandi often presents at various International Business Intelligence/Business Analytics conference.

Prior to MicroStrategy, he worked as Operations Research Engineer in Manugistics/JDA Software to design Supply-Chain algorithm.

Before entering industry, Dr. Soewandi spent his time in universities as students, teaching assistant, full-time faculty (University of Surabaya) or adjunct faculty (George Washington University), or researcher (AIT, NCSU) in the area of mathematical modeling, deriving optimal solution, developing heuristic & its worst-case performance bound, etc.) for production planning, control & scheduling in food industry and also telecommunication.

Dr. Soewandi got his Ph.D. and Master under the direction of Drs. Salah Elmaghraby (NCSU) and Okitsugu Fujiwara (AIT) respectively. He also received Econometrics training from Dr. Daniel S. Hamermesh (UT Austin) at Gadjah Mada University. In addition to that, he had two Bachelor degrees from Civil Engineering, Petra Christian University, and also Financial Management, University of Surabaya that he completed at the same time.

  • sejarah pendidikan
    Operations Research (S3)
    North Carolina State University
    Industrial Engineering & Management (S2)
    Asian Institute of Technology
    Teknik Sipil – Konstruksi (S1)
    Universitas Kristen Petra
    Manajemen Keuangan (S1)
    Universitas Surabaya
  • konsentrasi penelitian

    Key Research Area

    1. Business Intelligence/Business Analytics
    2. In-Memory Technology for Large Scale data
    3. Operations Research
    4. Discrete Optimization
    5. Project Management



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