IBE Students Win 1st Place in FAITH 2022

27 Mar 2023

We're proud to announce that two of our IBE students, Joyceline and Tamara, have won first place in the Industrial Competition in Faith 2022. The competition was organized by the Faculty of Industrial Technology at Petra Christian University and focused on the theme "Transformation to Greentech." It was an international competition that started in April and had its winners announced in July 2022.

The winning team, BESTIE JENNIE, consisted of Tamara Regina Darmawan & Ang and Joyceline Maria Catalina, both from Batch 2021. Their innovative project idea showcased their excellent business and engineering skills. We congratulate them on this remarkable achievement and are proud to have such talented and creative students in our IBE program.

We encourage you to visit the competition's website, https://faith.petra.ac.id/2022/new.php, to learn more about the competition, its rules and regulations, other participating teams, and the criteria used to select the winners.

Once again, congratulations to Joyceline and Tamara, the BESTIE JENNIE team, for their outstanding performance in the Industrial Competition in Faith 2022.

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