Social Project : Book Donation

23 Sep 2022

Currently, in the Claket area, there are several hamlets that have residents who are not economically productive, namely school children, youth groups, and groups of housewives. We target Abdimas, especially to school children.

Sembong Hamlet, one of the hamlets in the Claket area, has two elementary schools, but at this time the Claket Elementary School does not have a library. The library is one of the simplest ways to increase students' reading interest. Besides that, SD is not in a position to be able to provide enough books, let alone up-to-date books for students to read. It takes a free library to be made in front of elementary schools and public places, where the books are obtained from donations obtained from drop boxes placed in the UK Petra canteen and donors via the website

The free library will be made in the form of small boxes of materials affordable and is expected to be replicated to many points in the Claket area. This free library can also hone the honesty and responsibility of children who borrow books from the box to return the books.

In addition to making free libraries in several public facilities in Claket, Abdimas will also carry out several periodic activities which involve children and youth groups. Periodic activities, for example, are conducting a book review together or watching films based on books such as Laskar Pelangi. It is hoped that the Claket community's interest in reading will increase with these programs. In addition, this Abdimas activity can foster a culture of sharing by becoming a book donor in the community.




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