IBE students team won 1st Prize USPROC (The Undergraduate Statistics Project Competition)

18 Mar 2022

Thanks to God, only His grace and inclusion, some of IBE students:

  1. Gloria Joy Kurniawan (Nrp. C13200031)
  2. Livienia Sugiarto (Nrp. C13200066)
  3. Panca Satria Chandra (Nrp. C13200063)

has won the 1st Prize for the Undergraduate Statistics Class Project Competition (USCLAP) with the title Impact of Education, Population, and Unemployment Towards Poverty Rate World Wide (https://www.causeweb.org/usproc/usclap/2021/fall/winners).


This competition is very prestigious, followed by students from top universities, and sponsored by the American Statistical Association (ASA) and the Consortium for Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education (CAUSE). Therefore, we are very proud of the achievements that have been achieved.

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