IBE Webinar: Spatial Data Science

12 Okt 2021

IBE Webinar

Dr. Crystal Bae is Assistant Instructional Professor of GIScience in the Division of the Social Sciences and the College at the University of Chicago. Her main research areas include spatial cognition, geographic movement visualization, real-world navigation and collective wayfinding, the cognition of neighborhoods and regions, and social decision-making. She has a Ph.D. in Geography with an Emphasis in Cognitive Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), and is a former postdoctoral researcher in the Movement Data Science Lab at the UCSB.
The use of geospatial data is rapidly increasing worldwide, spurred by the growth of big data collected at numerous geographic and temporal scales, the nearly ubiquitous tracking of movement of people, animals, and goods, and the development of new spatial analytic and data science techniques. Spatial Data Science is an essential and growing field of research with a wide range of problem areas and real-world applications. In this talk, Dr. Bae will give an overview of spatial data science, example applications in transportation research, movement behavior, and environmental management, and briefly introduce ongoing research.
Date : Friday, 1 October 2021
Time : 8.30-10.00 AM (GMT+7)

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