Business Talk

20 Mar 2021

Title: Frameworks for building software products and career paths in Product Management
Speaker: Erin Carlson (Product Professional)

Moderator: Hanijanto Soewandi (VP MicroStrategy Technology)
March 19, 2021

Erin excitedly and enthusiastically explained the journey of Product Management. The journey is described as a HERO who is always called to adventure, crossing treshold, growth new skills, death and rebirth, revelation, atonement, gets gift, return changed, end and start again. Product Management steps include:

  1. Define your vision
  2. Learn about your customers
  3. Validate your hypotheses
  4. Build your MLP
  5. Build your roadmap
  6. Build requirements
  7. Build and test
  9. collect data - start back at step 1.

Erin ended her talk by revealing PM's key skills, namely:

  • Customer obsession: start with your customer and keep going back
  • Stretch to think bigger about your north star
  • Ownership of your product an ideas
  • Influence without authority: earn trust
  • Communication with cross-functional teams
  • Business, tech, and design accumen
  • Keep learning!

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