Public Lecture : How to Bring Ideas to Life

14 Sep 2020

Every product starts as an idea in the head of an individual.  There are often challenges we face as we bring these ideas to life as a product.  In our discussion we will review how this process works at Onyx.  We will discuss the roles involved and how each role is important in making sure that the final product enhances the user experience.  We will focus on a web dashboard for our example. We will look at the design process for how we can answer that next question.

Onyx CenterSource is a global company that facilitates payments between business.  We primarily provide a source for hotels to pay travel agencies the commissions that are owed for guest stays. Last year we supported over 110 million transactions resulting in over $1 Billion in commissions payments between hotels and travel agencies.  These commissions were from over 68 thousand hotels to more than 79 thousand travel agencies.  These were paid in 37 different currencies.

The webinar is free and open for anyone who's interested. Please feel free to join us! (find details in the poster)

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