IBE's Marathon Games in Cita Hati

14 Jan 2020

To introduce IBE UK Petra to high school students, on December 18th lecturers with around 20 students visit Cita Hati High School-East Cost, located in Jl. Raya Laguna KJW Putih Tambak No.26-30. But, this is not a usual promotion, since we use 5 mini-games made by students and 2 outdoor-games as part of the promotion. 

The event start at 10am, opened by presentation from IBE's Head of Programme, Mrs. Indri Njoto Bisono,Ph.D. Around 80 Cita Hati students that already divided into groups of 4 participating in the games, around 90 minutes. Moreover, the scores are collected to get the winners. After closing both from Cita Hati Lecturers and IBE, all students got booklets and Go-green silver straw from IBE. 

Thank you Cita Hati for the open doors to be introduced to International Business Engineering UK Petra!  

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