Lecture beyond class : IBE goes to the mall!

17 Nov 2017

One of IBE class named Introduction to Industrial Engineering aimed to give students basic knowledge regarding where would Industrial Engineering be applicable. It covers phases basics in planning, installation,and system development in a particular industry. One of main indicators is quality. On October 30th 2017, IBE students went to one of malls in Surabaya to do a small research in service industry. Students divided into small groups and assigned to 2 service industries to do a close inspection. Moreover, they need to answer some quality related questions, quality defect probability, and simple development that could be applied. A further discussion with lecturer conducted. The lecture outside class is to make students think beyond theory based on textbook, but understand the relevance for real-life experience in industry, especially in service industry. In addition, the class could reduce stress and increase antusiasm in attending lectures..

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