IBE Webinar: Spatial Data Science
01 Okt 2021

IBE Webinar

Dr. Crystal Bae is Assistant Instructional Professor of GIScience in the Division of the Social Sciences and the College at the University of Chicago. Her main research areas include spatial cognition, geographic movement visualization, real-world navigation and collective wayfinding, the cognition of neighborhoods and regions, and social decision-making. She has a Ph.D. in Geography with an Emphasis in Cognitive Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), and is a former postdoctoral researcher in the Movement Data Science Lab at the UCSB.
The use of geospatial data is rapidly increasing worldwide, spurred by the growth of big data collected at numerous geographic and temporal scales, the nearly ubiquitous tracking of movement of people, animals, and goods, and the development of new spatial analytic and data science techniques. Spatial Data Science is an essential and growing field of research with a wide range of problem areas and real-world applications. In this talk, Dr. Bae will give an overview of spatial data science, example applications in transportation research, movement behavior, and environmental management, and briefly introduce ongoing research.
Date : Friday, 1 October 2021
Time : 8.30-10.00 AM (GMT+7)
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Artificial Intelligence for Public Policy: Myths, Challenges, and Resolutions
03 Sep 2021

Artificial Intelligence for Public Policy: Myths, Challenges, and Resolutions

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Mapping Out Your Technology Career
17 Sep 2021

Mapping Out Your Technology Career

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Business Talk
19 Mar 2021

Title: Frameworks for building software products and career paths in Product Management
Speaker: Erin Carlson (Product Professional)

Moderator: Hanijanto Soewandi (VP MicroStrategy Technology)
March 19, 2021

Erin excitedly and enthusiastically explained the journey of Product Management. The journey is described as a HERO who is always called to adventure, crossing treshold, growth new skills, death and rebirth, revelation, atonement, gets gift, return changed, end and start again. Product Management steps include:

  1. Define your vision
  2. Learn about your customers
  3. Validate your hypotheses
  4. Build your MLP
  5. Build your roadmap
  6. Build requirements
  7. Build and test
  9. collect data - start back at step 1.

Erin ended her talk by revealing PM's key skills, namely:

  • Customer obsession: start with your customer and keep going back
  • Stretch to think bigger about your north star
  • Ownership of your product an ideas
  • Influence without authority: earn trust
  • Communication with cross-functional teams
  • Business, tech, and design accumen
  • Keep learning!
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Paper Published
26 Feb 2021



by Yogi Tri PrasetyoHans TantoMartinus MariyantoChristopher HanjayaMichael Nayat YoungSatria Fadil PersadaBobby Ardiansyah Miraja and Anak Agung Ngurah Perwira Redi


Online food delivery service (OFDS) has been widely utilized during the new normal of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in a developing country such as Indonesia. The purpose of this study was to determine factors influencing customer satisfaction and loyalty in OFDS during the new normal of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia by utilizing the extended theory of planned behavior (TPB) approach. A total of 253 respondents voluntarily participated and answered 65 questions. Structural equation modeling (SEM) indicated that hedonic motivation (HM) was found to have the highest effect on customer satisfaction, followed by price (P), information quality (IQ), and promotion (PRO). Interestingly, this study found out that usability factors, such as navigational design (ND) and perceived ease of use (PEOU) were not significant to customer satisfaction and loyalty in OFDS during the new normal of COVID-19. This study can be the theoretical foundation that could be very beneficial for OFDS investors, IT engineers, and even academicians. Finally, this study can be applied and extended to determine factors influencing customer satisfaction and loyalty in OFDS during the new normal of COVID-19 in other countries.
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Public Lecture
19 Feb 2021

Break Through Uncertainty: How e-commerce use data analytics in marketing strategy

Speaker: Siauw Gie Kian 

              Senior Vice President of Development

This webinar is open for public, high schoolers, industry, practitioners --anyone who's interested or would like to understand e-commerce in-depth. Let's join!

Date: Jumat, 19 February 2021

Time: 16.00-17.30 WIB (GMT +7)



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13 Nov 2020

From Lebron James to Lionel Messi: Analytics & Data Visualization at Fanatics (Live from US)

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06 Nov 2020

Public Lecture with Prof.Ming-Jong Yao, Taiwan 

Topic : Multi-Customer Joint Replenishment Problem with Districting Consideration

Time : Friday, November 6th2020 / 12.15-1.30pm

Let's join us and register through : 

See you there! (the poster attached)

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15 Okt 2020

Conventry University

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Public Lecture : How to Bring Ideas to Life
14 Sep 2020

Every product starts as an idea in the head of an individual.  There are often challenges we face as we bring these ideas to life as a product.  In our discussion we will review how this process works at Onyx.  We will discuss the roles involved and how each role is important in making sure that the final product enhances the user experience.  We will focus on a web dashboard for our example. We will look at the design process for how we can answer that next question.

Onyx CenterSource is a global company that facilitates payments between business.  We primarily provide a source for hotels to pay travel agencies the commissions that are owed for guest stays. Last year we supported over 110 million transactions resulting in over $1 Billion in commissions payments between hotels and travel agencies.  These commissions were from over 68 thousand hotels to more than 79 thousand travel agencies.  These were paid in 37 different currencies.

The webinar is free and open for anyone who's interested. Please feel free to join us! (find details in the poster)

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Petra researchers predict Covid 19 pandemic will end on September 19th 2020
10 Jun 2020

Two researchers from International Business Engineering (IBE) UK Petra found predictive analysis suggesting COVID 19 pandemic will end on September 19th 2020. 

The researchers are Indriati Njoto Bisono, PhD and Ir Hanijanto Soewandi, PhD. Indriati is the head of IBE Program UK Petra, while Hanijanto is visiting professor in IBE, who holds a position as Vice President in  MicroStrategy Technology, leading software company in  Business Intelligence/ Business Analytics, located in the US. 

Further details of the research:

Full interview was done by local Indonesian Channel-tvOne:

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Presentasi Pengenalan Program/Program Studi di lingkungan PPPK Petra
19 Agu 2020

Presentasi Pengenalan Program/Program Studi di lingkungan PPPK Petra diikuti oleh kurang lebih 280 siswa dari SMA 1, SMA 2, SMA 3, SMA 4, SMA 5 dan SMK Petra.  

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Webinar and Board Game Competition
24 Agu 2020

What came to our mind when the board game mentioned? Monopoly or chess? Correct..but are board game only limited to those games? Let's think, create, and learn more board games development, especially how it's related to business prospect in Indonesia. 

We'll have invited 2 speakers, the owner of Tabletoys Indonesia and a  Professor from the University of Indonesia (detailed poster attached) 

Dear all high schoolers, let's join the free webinar, save the date :

Tuesday, September 1st 2020


Registration link :




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Think Like Starbucks?join IBE NOW!
08 Jun 2020

Would like to know about IBE? Please join our webinar on Tuesday-June 16th 2020

The webinar attended by around 100 people via ZOOM and live via youtube, which now seen by more than 1000 times -->


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IBE's Marathon Games in Cita Hati
18 Des 2019

To introduce IBE UK Petra to high school students, on December 18th lecturers with around 20 students visit Cita Hati High School-East Cost, located in Jl. Raya Laguna KJW Putih Tambak No.26-30. But, this is not a usual promotion, since we use 5 mini-games made by students and 2 outdoor-games as part of the promotion. 

The event start at 10am, opened by presentation from IBE's Head of Programme, Mrs. Indri Njoto Bisono,Ph.D. Around 80 Cita Hati students that already divided into groups of 4 participating in the games, around 90 minutes. Moreover, the scores are collected to get the winners. After closing both from Cita Hati Lecturers and IBE, all students got booklets and Go-green silver straw from IBE. 

Thank you Cita Hati for the open doors to be introduced to International Business Engineering UK Petra!  

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MyAmerica Visit
29 Nov 2017

Students were encouraged to understand the American cultures by visiting the Consulate General of the United States of America in Surabaya, Indonesia. This visitation was a part of the International Business School of Culture.

Should you want to see the documentation of the visitation, please kindly click here

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Lecture beyond class : IBE goes to the mall!
17 Nov 2017

One of IBE class named Introduction to Industrial Engineering aimed to give students basic knowledge regarding where would Industrial Engineering be applicable. It covers phases basics in planning, installation,and system development in a particular industry. One of main indicators is quality. On October 30th 2017, IBE students went to one of malls in Surabaya to do a small research in service industry. Students divided into small groups and assigned to 2 service industries to do a close inspection. Moreover, they need to answer some quality related questions, quality defect probability, and simple development that could be applied. A further discussion with lecturer conducted. The lecture outside class is to make students think beyond theory based on textbook, but understand the relevance for real-life experience in industry, especially in service industry. In addition, the class could reduce stress and increase antusiasm in attending lectures..

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