At IBE we address the quickening pace of industrial change by the combination of business and technology at International level.



A globally recognized Business Engineering Program for cutting edge research and excellent education.


Nurturing future world-class leaders.

Graduate Profiles

A student who has completed a bachelor's degree in the International Business Engineering Program at Petra Christian University will receive advanced education in data science, business and industrial engineering, including digital literacy and general intellectual skills, and life skills that equip them for entrepreneurship, employment and citizenship and laying the foundation for lifelong learning and personal development. Thus, IBE graduates can contribute to the world through innovative problem-solving approaches, data-based decision making and becoming leaders who motivate continuous improvement.

Our students learn to process real time data, derive and merge critical pieces, and finally makes changes that matters. IBE is commited to raise students with exceptionally strong analytical and data literacy skills, all the while sharpening the creative mind full of imagination and curiosity.

At IBE, our students will:

  • Learn to process large and realistic timely data as well as appropriate technology behind them.
  • Learn to derive and find critical information analytically as well as graphically,
  • Learn to make optimal decision that matters.

In that process, our students will:

  • Have opportunity to take internship, learn, or interact with people from famous household names in various industries from around the world (g., Blibli, Amazon, Facebook, Ebay, Grab, Sampoerna, Dr. Pepper, Toyota Astra Motor, PT Berca Hardayaperkasa, Japfa Comfeed, etc.).
  • Have opportunity to develop soft skill, organizational skill, and characters as well as preparing for professional world.
  • Have opportunity to visit international companies (e.g., Toyota

Finally, one of the goals in IBE is to bring graduates to the ranks of top executives and have world-class alumni. We invite CxO/VPs level experts to share their tips and tricks and mentors our students.