Organisasi Mahasiswa

HIMATITRA (Industrial Engineering Student Association) aims to be a place to accommodate, process, and channel the aspirations of students of the Petra Christian University Industrial Engineering Study Program.

Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Industri (HIMATITRA) Vision: “To be a place where Engineers can reach their maximum potential and prepare for the future.”

Growing connection, collaborate with others to have greater impact
Respect others, create a supportive environment that respects everyone involved in the organization
Overcome and face every problem with God
Well Educated, continue to prioritize education in running the organization

Events planned :
- Bankpan - October 2022
- HOFIIE (Persekutuan Program Studi) - Even semester 2022/2023
- Seminar Alumni Story - Even semester 2022/2023
- Seminar Industri - Even semester 2022/2023
- Logistics competition for university and high-school students - Even semester 2022/2023
- Open Forum - November 2022; June 2023
- Dies Natalis 31 TI - May 2023

HIMATITRA coordination meeting