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HIMATITRA (Industrial Engineering Student Association) aims to be a place to accommodate, process, and channel the aspirations of students of the Petra Christian University Industrial Engineering Study Program.

The vision of HIMATITRA is: "Be Ready for the Future Needs" While HIMATITRA's mission is known as CLING, which stands as :

  • Caring --Increase the awareness of UK Petra Industrial Engineering students to have an impact on the surrounding environment.
  • Loving --foster a sense of love for God, others, and oneself through activities that have the essence so that mutual love arises.
  • Inspiring--Restoring the enthusiasm of UK Petra Industrial Engineering students who often dim in the middle of lectures through activities that provide comfort and motivation.
  • Naming --Increase and enlarge the relationship between UK Petra Industrial Engineering with other agencies so that it can be useful both internally and externally.
  • Growing--Increase the insight and experience possessed by UK Petra Industrial Engineering students so that they become better individuals than before through activities that provide personal provisions.

 In 2021, the activities that will be held:

1. Bank panitia : Is an event that held annually. the purpose of this event is to introduce new students about divisions or departments and their job description in short-term organization like committee of an event or long-term organization such as Hima or BPMF.

2. Impactful Synergy For Society (ISFS) : is an online community service. And this year, we will use digital branding theme. With this event, is not just about helping our society, but we also have the chance to learn about digital branding (promoting a local msme brand through our social media)

3. Home for Industrial Engineering and International Business Engineering : is an event that will be held 6 times in 2 semesters. through this event, we can gather with our friends, Praise and Worship, and also listen to interesting sharings from lecturers. This event is interesting because usually the sharing is not just from religious point of view, but from our daily point of view as an industrial engineering dan IBE student.

4. Open Forum : this is a two-way forum, where students can tell their opinion towards lecturers and organization (HIMA) and this event can also helps lecturers to understand their students more.

5. Dies Natalis : A birthday celebration that's held annually. And this year there will be a series of events, to celebrate 30th anniversary of Industrial Engineering.

6. Alumni Story : This is a very new event. This is a talkshow with one of IE alumni. Hopefully, students can learn a lot from an Alumni Experience in IE and in their workfield. And if its possible, we have plan to do this monthly.

Open Forum

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