Students' Lounge

Students' Lounge in IBE is equipped with a set of sofa, water dispenser, microwave, and refrigerator. Most importantly, students could socialize and study here!

IBE Classroom

IBE Classroom

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Laboratory

Being a CEO or to be in upper management level is everyone’s dream-yet not everyone could reach it. However, the competitions can’t be more competitive, considering how global current business are. Join our lab and you'll enhance things that sets successful CEO’s apart!

Data Science and Innovation (DSI) Laboratory

The Data Science and Innovation lab aspires to become a center for data science development especially big data, and actively helping to solve regional, national and global problems through data analysis and innovation. Data science for innovation introduces students to the cutting-edge initiatives that many professionals are embarking on to explore and communicate value from data visualization and analysis results.

Optimization and Simulation Laboratory

In the Optimization and Simulation Laboratory, students learn to simulate an industrial system and optimize the system with the help of Promodel software.

Physics Laboratory

Physics Laboratory is managed by the Faculty of Industrial Technology. In the laboratory, students study about the laws of physics in more applicable ways.