At the beginning of 2015, Dr. Indriati Bisono had a dream. She envisioned a new world where Indonesian graduates (in particular from Industrial Engineering at Petra Christian University) could work in an International setting. She believed with a right education, those dream can be achieved. She pitched the idea to Prof. Dr. Rolly Intan, then the Rector of Petra Christian University, and other Faculties of Industrial Engineering Department to create a program that produced T-shaped engineer.

After couple years of brewing the idea, in the academic year of 2017/2018, Industrial Engineering Department of Petra Christian University proudly launched International Business Engineering (IBE) as their latest international program. This program is formed to provide answer  to dynamic and global challenges, as well as to seize opportunities as we move toward Industry 5.0, an era where human and machine (robot) are expected to work together in a borderless world and data are growing exponentially.

Covid-19 (in 2020) proves that industry and business will continue to evolve and jobs will continue to change. In particular, the pandemic is predicted to fast forward the transition to Industrial 5.0. IBE program is designed to produce engineers that have in-depth knowledge in engineering subject (particularly Industrial Engineering in conjunction with Information Technology), as well as possess wide knowledge of “new” business (T-shaped engineer).