Seminar The Business of Engineering: A New Mindset for the Engineer of the Future

02 Sep 2022

Speaker : Agus Sudjianto, Ph.D

Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo, USA



A New Mindset for the Engineer of the Future

World around us are moving rapidly driven by technological innovation and revolution in Data Science/Artificial Intelligence. Engineers of the future must be able to adapt and harness the power of data and technology in the context of system thinking and leadership. In this talk, I would like to share a few decades of my experience as an engineering leader in the US, how we adapt, evolve and prepare ourselves to succeed in an ever-changing world. In particular, I would like to focus on how we should prepare ourselves--as the world around us are being automated--by taking advantage of solid engineering background, system thinking, and data-driven decision-making complemented by management and leadership skills.





Agus Sudjianto is an executive  vice president, management committee member and head of Corporate Model Risk for Wells Fargo. He is responsible for enterprise model risk management, overseeing models and artificial intelligence development and deployment in the company.

Prior to his current position, Agus was the modeling and analytics director and chief model risk officer at Lloyds Banking Group in the United Kingdom.  Before joining Lloyds, he was a senior credit risk executive and head of Quantitative Risk at Bank of America.

Prior to his career in banking, he was a product design manager at Powertrain Division of Ford Motor Company where he led engineering teams designing V6/V8 engine systems and components for North America.

Agus holds several U.S. patents in both finance and engineering.  He has published numerous technical papers and a co-author design and modeling for computer experiments book. His current technical expertise and interests include quantitative risk, machine learning and computational statistics.

He holds masters and doctorate degrees in engineering and management from Wayne State University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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