CEO Talk : In What We Trust is that A(I),B(lockchain),C(loud),or D(ata)?

18 Feb 2022

CEO Talk : “In What We Trust - Is that A(I), B(lockchain), C(loud) or D(ata)?"I

Hello Future Leaders💫,

Not everything that we see online is true. Fake news and frauds are spreading quicker than ever. And why is this the case ? Well, the increased popularity of AI can be like a double-edged sword. On one hand, you may also have heard that Blockchain can solve the problem of “Trust". Everything we do on the internet is being recorded, which includes data storage in the Cloud. Consequently, this generates Data as the ‘new oil’. 

With just 35 minutes, you will have all the answers to your doubts. This session will include an overview of the trending technologies used in Data and Analytics to see how they can tackle one of the key challenges - Trust. It will lay down the foundation for most modernized analytics approaches and help you to understand what to consider to develop an analytics solution.

Upgrade your knowledge by learning from the expert, Cupid Chan, a CEO & Co-Founder of Pistevo Decision, also a seasoned professional who is well-established in the industry and is a Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor in University of Maryland. Aside from holding various technical accreditations, his credential extends into business qualifications such as PMP, Lean Six Sigma and SAFe Agilist.

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