Character Development : Entrepreneur Insight

26 Nov 2018

Being an Entrepreneur is a trend that highly attracts millennial generation--in building a brand new business; or to develop an existing family business. An Entrepreneur has the privilege to be independent financially. However, there are unavoidable risks that need to be taken care of. 

Character Development Class shared by Daniel Christian Tarigan, SH, MM - a lecturer and an initiator and director of Quick &' Clean Laundry Makassar which has a remarkable story. For years ago, the business almost bankrupt and Daniel wasn't able to pay half of his employees-yet in April 2018, Quick &' Clean Laundry won Indonesia Best Practices Laundry Awards (IBPLA) 2018. Daniel suggested that to be a successful Entrepreneur, you need to be able to predict what would be demanded by customers in the future. So, for example --you need to predict what will be a success in  5 years time, so if we are starting now, we'll expect the biggest benefit in 5 years time. It's too late to make a business predicting what will be a success in the present time. 

The class gave new insight to the students, especially seeing Entrepreneur as one of the feasible solutions to be successful in this uncertain economy.


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