Launching IBE

08 Sep 2016

Thanks to God's grace, International Business Engineering (IBE) program was officially launched on September 8, 2016 at Sheraton Hotel Surabaya.

One by one invitation consisting of parents of high school students who interested in entering IBE program, representatives from several high school in Surabaya, alumni from various batches, Chancellor of Petra Christian University (PCU), Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of PCU, and The Dean of Industrial Technology Faculty, entered the room. The atmosphere of alumni gathering colored the hall of Sheraton Ballroom, while the prospective students' parents were accompanied by Industrial Engineering lecturers explaining what the parents wanted to know about IBE program.

The host, Ms. Felecia, opened the main event by introducing the participants, followed by a brief explanation of IBE's background, goals, and dreams by The Head of Industrial Engineering Department. 'Bring forth the world class alumni' is our dream, one of them by establishing IBE - nurturing world-class leaders. Furthermore 'Conversation with Experts and Academica' which discussed about what-why-how IBE was hosted by Mrs. Fanni Lesmana, lecturer of Communication Science PCU.

The launching's final event was marked by a launching videi by The Chancellor of PCU, witnessed by The Vice Chancellor, The Dean of Industrial Technology Faculty, and The Head of Industrial Engineering Department. Congratulations IBE! Best of luck for IBE to deliver international based education in this globalization era.


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